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"Never Let Your Pain Keep You From The Most Important New Opportunities In Your life!"

- Dr. Lance K Ewing, DC

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dear Reader,

Are you tired of struggling with back pain and sciatica? Unexcited about endlessly pumping your  back with "quick-fixes" that never seem to last very long? 

Are you Burned out from trying to keep up with your fast-paced life, Only To Survive instead of thrive... day after day, night after night?

This is NO joke...

However, A New Report reveals how this revolutionary back pain relief system:

“Puts Getting Back Pain Relief On Auto-Pilot...
So You Can Get Back To Doing What You Love!”
Hi, My name is Dr. Lance K. Ewing, D.C. 

I'm A Newly Retired Chiropractor Who Is Revealing How to get back Your Back So you can Return To All your favorite activities, and stop missing out on Life! 

Imagine once again being totally In-Sync With Your Family and friends... So You Can Feel Empowered!

Beyond ANYTHING You've Ever Experience Before...

Using These Sciatica And Low Back Pain Tricks, Anyone Can Do From Home, And Get Back Pain Relief - FAST!

When It Comes To Your Mobility, Flexibility, Your Peace Of Mind... It's Time To Finally "Get Back In The Game" That You've Been Missing Out On For Way Too Long!

Getting Relief From Your Back Pain And Sciatica Is Easy... If You Know The  Best-kept Chiropractic Secret!
You as a person, are a unique individual. There's no man or woman that even closely resembles you. 
That's why we believe your lifestyle should reflect your unique personality at the same time.

Stop letting Sciatica and Low Back Pain drag you down... It's time you fight back!

It's time you gain an unfair advantage over low back pain! 

Well. Now you can...

In fact, You are about to give your Sciatica a knock-out punch...

With the 'Sciatica Is A Pain In The Butt' Home Remedy System!

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You'll Gain Access To This NEW And Proven System So You Can Get Real Back Pain Relief - FAST!

What Exactly Is This, "Sciatica Is A Pain In The Butt" Home Remedy System!?

Would you like to have a way to automatically get predictable back pain and sciatica  relief from the comfort of your home...? 

Not just information, not just a couple of videos,  not just 1 tiny stretch... but an entire revolutionary program! 

If you’d like to have complete confidence in your back once again and actually stop the  pain, regardless of your age or athletic abilities, and put an end to the endless hoping  and searching that you’ve become resigned to, please keep reading...

This system encompasses the latest, up-to-date information from a highly qualified source who has personally treated and co-managed thousands of patients alongside MDS, Orthopedists, General Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, ER Doctors, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and other Chiropractors.

In short, this is system is scientifically proven to work.

How is this different from everything else You've seen?

This like no course you have ever seen, simply because nothing like this has been offered until now. 

Sure there are plenty of books and courses out there from one group or another who maybe had back pain and tried something that worked for them for a while. 

Maybe they just  gathered information from the internet and slapped it together into a program they could sell, and  if it didn't work, no problem, they just move onto something else, maybe stock picks, car repair, 
dog grooming, or get rich quick scams. 

You see, this is just another course to them, just another  way to hustle up some quick business before they move on to the next shiny object. 

Me, I am in the trenches, now online and for the past 16 years in brick and mortar offices seeing patients all 
day long with chronic low back pain and Sciatica. 

Not I used to do this twenty years ago and still remember a few things but right now selling my practice in January of 2020 and moving straight to online teaching and coaching chronic pain sufferers. 

Ask me to change a tire or change the oil in your car? No problem but dont ask me to watch a few videos, go on youtube or the internet,  and then let me try to fix the engine. 

Your better off walking, let me tell you. I have made it my mission over the past sixteen years to learn everything I can about low back pain and Sciatica from my father, grandfather, and uncle, all of who were practicing chiropractors. 

From the ten years I was a licensed massage therapist while going to school, to the  six years of college and a doctorate degree, to co-owning three high volume medical and Chiropractic practices over 16 years working hand in hand with Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Exercise Trainers, Physical therapists, Nurse practitioners, General Practice MDS, Regenerative medicine Doctors Orthopedists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, and ER Doctors.

I also constantly study information from spine journals, the Mayo Clinic, Web MD, Johns Hopkins, and many other sources to bring you the very best and always up to date options for low back pain and Sciatica.
what's In it for you?
Maybe you too have found that getting a back pain solution that you can trust and use  over and over again to progressively strengthen your back is getting tougher to find... 

Instead of getting some kind of quick-fix, pump-and-dump, placebo-effect baloney.

Maybe it’s been a while since going out and doing your favorite activities has even been
fun for you anymore.

Either way that you choose to look at the situation... you’re simply not where you want
to be right now.

Perhaps you’re starting to get sick of pumping your body full of pain-killers... it’s not as  though they exactly bring you back to feeling “normal again”... 
Do they?

And attempting to read an ebook, or watch a video, or do a single stretch that is going to  miraculously recover your back forever is pure wishful thinking. 

Maybe it’s been a while since living life was actually fun.

You see success at getting instant and lasting back and sciatica relief has a lot more to  do with understanding the real secrets of how the body truly works... and little to do with  chasing after unproven, unscientific shiny objects. 

Whether this is your first year with back pain and sciatica, or you’re a 30-year sufferer...  you will love to never again need anything else when you HAVE THIS! 

Thousands of other people just like you, and with back pain that is much worse than  yours is own and love this new revolutionary back pain and sciatica solution! 

So why not you?

Without wasting all your energy attempting to manage your back pain, imagine all the  excitement and free-time you’ll regain! 

You’ll finally be able to take back control of your back and your life!

All thanks to one newly retired 16-year board-certified chiropractor who has gathered all  the best chunks of his knowledge, cut out all the fluff, and now is offering you a  professional and highly esteemed full system for not only getting the relief you deserve  but repairing and revitalizing your back at the same time! 

Because breakthroughs come from going outside the box and bringing a new, proven,  better solution to the exact people who need and want it the most! 

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you can be sure you’ll never get anything  different than what you’ve already got.

Also, You'll Receive the latest up to date information from a highly qualified source. I have personally treated and co-managed thousands of patients alongside MDS, Orthopedists, General Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, ER Doctors, other Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists etc.

How do You know this is Legitimate?

As a 16-year board-certified chiropractor in Dallas, Texas specializing in low back pain and Sciatica, I have the authority to teach you the same techniques I taught my thousands of my Patients over 16 years in practice for managing low back pain and Sciatica.

My goal is to be a straight up guy who knows what he’s taking about with no B.S. that delivers what he promises and even more for fair prices.

What's holding You back?

What holds most low back pain and sciatica sufferers back is mis-information and that dreaded procrastination. 

Sometimes the misinformation is from well-meaning friends, coworkers, or family members.

Other times it's unqualified Experts claiming a miracle cure to low back pain and Sciatica. Just one exercise, pill, or stretch, and you will be pain-free for all of your days. 

Pardon my French, but what a load of crap! 

How do I know? 

Because I have treated thousands of patients with low back pain and Sciatica for the past 16 years and collaborated with every kind of medical and alternative providers out there. 

There is no magic pill, exercise, or stretch that is going to do the trick, but we already know that dont we? 

If there were, I would spend my time doing the Television circuit, maybe Oprah, Ellen, Good day, every morning channel from ABC, NBC, CBS, and cable-like Fox, CNN, and the list goes on and on... I would also apply for the Nobel Peace Prize in low back pain and Sciatica if there is such a thing? 

Probably not, but you get my point. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on feel-good things that plain dont work and leave you feeling more frustrated than ever. 

Get rich quick schemes dont work, and miracle back cures dont work either. I'm sorry to be so blunt,
but nothing is more heartbreaking than to see someone spend grocery, rent, or mortgage money
on a sham of a back program only to have zero solutions the following week. 

Dont you hate when they promise one thing and deliver another?... 

I know I do!

That's why we procrastinate, and nothing ever changes. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me
twice, shame on me is the saying.

Maybe you do some exercises that help this morning only to screw your back up again before lunch because you did something wrong just hanging around the house.

This is not a race. It's a calculated, carefully planned-out road map for taking control of your back
pain and/or Sciatica once and for all and start enjoying your life again.

Who and What is to blame?

Bad things happen to good people, right; we have all heard this many times. I am personally to blame for my low back pain and Sciatica. Years of snow skiing, dirt bike motorcycle riding, and crashing with both gave me a good head start to a bad back. 

Add to that more than a few horrible jobs for those with a bad back, including warehouse work; loading-trucks, residential moving as a job, massage therapy, and Chiropractic bending over the table all day doing what I told my Patients not to do but not having a choice if I was to get them better. 

Add in a couple of car accidents, and it's no wonder I constantly hurt.

For others, maybe you haven't done these things to your body but have been the recipient of bad things happening to good people. 

Maybe it was a car accident or two or three, not even your fault. Maybe contact sports like football or rugby started it or a fall just stepping off of a curb.

Some of you have to sit for 8 hours a day in the same position, staring at a screen and counting down the minutes until the clock strikes 5 pm. 

Whatever it is and however you got here doesn't matter, does it? 

We can keep complaining about it to our family, friends, and coworkers until the cows come home.

However, to use a quote from Tim Robbing in Steven Kings' The Shawshank Redemption, I guess it comes down to a simple choice really: get busy living or get busy dying.

Why Should You Get This Now?

I have put a strict timer on this offer because I want you to get started now and not wait another
day to start effectively managing your back pain and Sciatica. 

I know that if I offered this incredible Home Remedy System forever you wouldn't feel the urgency to improve your back, relieve your pain and get bck to living your life. 

You must have some skin in the game to show you are dedicated to change! The last thing I want is for you to obtain these spectacular tools and not use them. 

That doesn't help you or your chronic low back pain at all, now does it? And how would you be able to send me your glowing testimonial later if you haven't even tried it...? 

You can use this new solution and take back your life starting right now! 

Because every minute, every hour, every day, every week, month, or year that you do nothing or jump from miracle fad to shiny object, you are missing out on life. 

You are missing out on family, children, grandchildren, friends, vacations, and travel, looking forward to the weekend or holidays. 

How long are you going to wait to make a lasting change? Will you regret never having tried? 

You might be saying to yourself, "But, I already tried a book, a course, a program from some other person and they promised me a miracle... and it didn't work!?

If you are going to pray (and I believe it absolutely can help you as a spiritual being myself) then don't pray for a miracle; save that big one for world peace... 

But, instead, pray to be put in a position to make a lasting positive choice for when and how to manage your pain so you can get busy living again!

Why Should You Trust This New Breakthrough System?

I'm not just some random guy who had back pain or Sciatica, searched online how out how to do some things at home, and then created a course to teach others.

I have made it my mission over the past sixteen years to learn everything I can about low back pain and Sciatica from my father, grandfather, and uncle. 

All of whom were practicing chiropractors, from the ten years I was a licensed massage therapist while going to school, to the six years of college and a Doctorate Degree In Spinal Health & Muskuloskeletal Pain.

Fast Forward to co-owning three high volume Medical and Chiropractic practices over 16 years working hand-in-hand with massage therapists, acupuncturists physical trainers, Nurse practitioners, physical therapists, general practice MDS, Regenerative medicine doctors orthopedists orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and er doctors.

I constantly study information from spine journals, the mayo clinic, Johns Hopkins and many other sources to bring you the very best and always up to date options for Sciatica and low back pain.

How Does This Proven System Work?

It's easy, you make the life-changing decision not to be a slave to low back pain and Sciatica anymore, to not burden others around you unnecessarily. 

Resolve to get back in the lives of your spouse, children, and grandchildren's lives! Follow the clear and simple steps to manage your painful low back area effectively and get back into action. 

It's time to make the absolute best of the time you do have, regardless of your age.

How To get started

Get started today by simply clicking the button below. Your digital products will download directly and also be included in your members area to access whenever you like. 

You will easily be able to download the PDF's and watch the life-changing videos that have already touched th elives and warmed the hearts of thousands of people from all over the world.

All you need to do is simply enter your name and email address and you'll gain instant access to this NEW and proven System so you can get real back pain and Sciatica relief like never before. 

All Thanks To The 'Sciatica Is A Pain In The Butt' Home Remedy System!

What do You have to lose, Anyways?

If you're like most people our age, the biggest fear in life is not death, it's not losing everything, or anything along those lines...

It's missing out on family for so long that you can't get the time back. 

I'm nearly panicked each year as our three boys, now aged 8, 8, and 7 get older. 

I am fully aware that at age 18, they will be out of the house and nearly all at once. That's ten years, and they go by quickly like a flash of lightning. 

Don't forget at about age 15 they don't want to hang out near as much and then my only hope is grandchildren, I can spend time with for the first 15 years of their life if im still even alive. 

I will not spend one more minute, not showing up to life because of low back pain and Sciatica. There is a better way, and now you know it!

Because every minute, every hour, every day, every week, month, or year that you do nothing or jump from miracle fad to fad, you are missing out on life. 

Family, friends, children, grandchildren, vacations, and travel, looking forward to the weekend or holidays... How long are you going to wait to make a lasting change? 

Will you regret never having tried...?

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P.S. I know this will give you exceptional results and crazy relief for your lower back pain... Therefore, I am making this MY MOST INSANE GUARANTEE EVER! If you don't feel that this entire Sciatica and lower back pain home remedy kit has provided you with the level of results YOU NEED, then I will refund you for a full 300 Days. Yes, many people have asked me if I have finally gone crazy... but, all I have to say to them is, "No... I am simply 100% committed and confident in what I have to offer each and every person who suffers from Sciatica and Chronic Back Pain!" 
I'm giving you my complete, "Sciatica Is A Pain In The Butt Home Remedy System", So You Can Win The Battle Against Your Chronic Back Pain, and Live An Empowered, Healthy, and Pain-Free Lifestyle Once Again". This program has retailed for $97 but I've bought it for you already! All I ask is that you cover a small amount to cover the costs of creating and assembling this truly exceptional Home Remedy System for you! (; I wish you all the best and a beautiful, pain-free life!

Again, here is everything you'll receive when you order now:

The Full Proven System!

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